NYC Single Mothers with Special Needs Children


This blog is representative of the meetup group NYC Single Mothers with Special Needs Children. Let’s be honest, it’s hard being a single mother. It’s even more difficult being a single mother to special needs kids. ‘NYC Single Mothers with Special Needs Children’ is a group dedicated to bringing together moms who are single and raising special needs children alone for whatever the reason may be. Even if you are a mom who isn’t single but feels there is a lack of family support, this is the place for you.

This group is not exclusive, it is just a group to help us find each other among all of the single parent groups, and parents with special needs groups. We have a unique situation and this is an incredible opportunity for us to connect. This group is for support, sharing information, and you and your child(ren)’s stories. Trying to attend meetups can be difficult, I know, but we will make them happen together.



Check out our various social media tools that will help us keep in touch with each other (these are phone apps as well):

  • Explore our Facebook Group to really connect with people like us.
  • Subscribe to our Facebook Page for updates and information about our group as well as all things single mommy and caring for special needs related.
  • Look at our YouTube Channel and see videos of what we’ve been up to.
  • Follow us on Twitter and mention #caringforspecialneedskids when tweeting about what you do!
  • Join our Slack channel for well organized topic related discussions at your fingertips (free mobile app as well). Click here to fill out our invitation form.

**We are working on creating a subreddit on in the future: stay tuned.

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