Control Moisture


For herbs wrap them in paper towel, this will control the amount of moisture in the air vs the moisture reaching the herbs. Buy dried herbs if you find you just need a little every time you use them in recipes. Dried herbs can last a few years. If you find that your fresh herbs  look like they are beginning to wilt you can also freeze them!

Freezing Bell Peppers2 (1)

Bell Peppers

For peppers, also wrap them in paper towel. If you happen to use portions of bell peppers  while cooking then slice and freeze them in a Ziploc bag. They will last for a few months. Click on the photo for more tips!

Freezing Bell Peppers2 (1)Salads

If you made a salad and would like to eat it for next few days add it to a bowl and place plastic wrap tightly at the top. The moisture will stick to the plastic wrap and not enter the salad. Check out this study on methods for keeping your greens fresh!

Stick it in the Refrigerator or Freeze It


If you find that you don’t use bread too often or that it is unusually warm in your kitchen place your bread in the refrigerator. In the summertime it is recommended that you freeze your bread! Breads that can be refrigerated or frozen can be: sliced, Italian, rolls, bagels, or any kind.

herbsTomato Sauce

If you use a little bit of tomato sauce each time you look but end up wasting the whole can line an ice tray with plastic wrap (not too necessary) and fill the tray with tomato sauce. Free and use as many cubes needed for cooking. This can also be done with tomato pastes.



If you are in possession of extra milk and won’t need to use it for a while or until after it is meant to expire pour it into a cupcake pan and place it in the freezer. Once frozen pop them out and place into a freezer bag. Use as needed. Click the photo to read more!






We absolutely can’t forget about our fruits and vegetables food groups. You can buy fresh fruits and veggies once a month. Eat them fresh for the first week and then freeze what is left over. With these frozen fruits and vegetables you can prepare smoothies and frozen fruit treats that the kids will love! See the link below for Why You Should Freeze Fruit.



Have leftovers that you know you won’t eat for a few days? Place It in a plastic bowl and freeze it. Eat it within the month. This is also the method used for preparing quick freezer meals for busy families. Check out Make 46 Freezer Friendly Meals in 4 Hours.

Deborah Perez is the original author of this post. She is the organizer of the meetup group NYC Single Mothers with Special Needs Children as well as the creator of this blog SingleMomSpecialNeeds




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